Plastic, The Problem

You’d have to be a hermit to not have heard or seen news articles over the last few years about the catastrophic problem of plastics chocking our oceans.  Over the last five decades we have become a plastic-obsessed, throwaway society, that has paid little to no attention to how we disposed of the millions of tonnes of plastic in use. But most plastics are practically indestructible, and so now this gigantic plastic problem is catching up with us, and is chocking our oceans.

It is estimated that over 10 MILLION TONNES of plastic enter our oceans EVERY SINGLE YEAR. That is beyond frightening.

Once in the oceans, these millions of tonnes of plastic don’t just float away and disappear, they cause destruction and death everywhere they reach. Sea birds, fish and animals consume the plastics, mistaking them for food, or become entangled in them, leading to countless deaths.  Plastics also damage habitats, such as coral beds, which is leading to a massive change in the worlds ecosystems.

There are numerous elements to the problem, too many to mention here, but we would recommend you visit the following websites if you would like further information. The bottom line is that action must be taken, at every level, by everybody, if we hope to make a significant change and save our oceans.

Plastics are used in so many elements of the fashion industry, from clothing fabrics (those wonderfully stretchy jeans we all love), to shoes (soles, heel tips, plexi-panels), through to your designer glasses and sunglasses. But practically none of the plastic used is from recycled sources. So we just keep pouring our more and more.

Something needs to change, and at Style Resolution we’re passionate about helping that change. We want to be stylish, but we want to know that those gorgeous fashion items we cherish have helped to solve the plastics problem, rather than just making it worse. 

We hope you will stand with us, by supporting the brands that work to solve the problem, and by showing other brands how much we would like them to move forward on this.

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